Things to do in Vail Colorado summer time


Many people visit Vail, CO in the winter to take part in skiing and other events that involve snow. There are also several things to do in the summer that people neglect because they might not know about them, and we provide Denver to Vail transportation in the summer months also.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
This is a large garden area with beautiful flowers. There are placards that help to identify the flowers that are along the trails. A large grassy area is in the center of the gardens, surrounded by the various plants and flowers. This is a free attraction.

Gerald Ford Amphitheater
If you enjoy music, then you will enjoy visiting this amphitheater. It is an outdoor attraction with numerous seats that lead up the ravine. The seats are comfortable, and many of the events that take place at the theater are for the entire family. Lawn seating is an option, and there is plenty of room to enjoy a picnic. A concession stand is also on the premises.

Booth Falls Trail
As with many of the other attractions in Vail, this is one that involves hiking and experiencing nature. You can hike past Booth Creek for a few miles if you don’t want to stay on the trails. As you get higher on the trails, you can begin to see the true beauty of the mountains and the trees in the area. There is a waterfall that flows down a gorge, giving ample opportunity for beautiful pictures.

Vail Valley
This is an area of Vail where you shop and explore the city. Many of the buildings have the accents of small cottages, but they are larger in size. There are several restaurants in the valley as well as small shops that sell handmade items. The landscaping is beautiful, and there are stunning sculptures that are throughout the valley. Popular shops in the valley are those that sell ski supplies and those that sell sweet treats, such as ice cream and cupcakes.

Camp Hale
There is a great deal of WWII history at Camp Hale. You can see older structures and some of the pictures of how life was during the time of WWII. Guides can take you through some of the trails, explaining the area in great detail.