Ski Rental Places in Vail Colorado

Denver to Vail transportation Ski rental coupon

If you are headed to Vail, Colorado during the winter months, chances are that you are going to be hitting the slopes and if you do not already have your equipment, you will have to locate a shop that rents out ski equipment. Luckily, there are literally tons of places that have ski rentals, so you should be able to find yourself accommodations fairly easily. If you are looking for pure convenience and want to just ski for the day, the easiest method is to simply rent your skis at one of the local ski resorts. Chances are that you are planning on skiing at Vail Ski Resort, although you may be heading to one of the other ski resorts in the general area, but all of them provide skis at a competitive price. Renting skis at the actual ski resort has the benefit of not having to haul in equipment, as you can rent them at the base lodge normally and return them at the end of the day. Be prepared to pay anywhere from twenty to thirty five dollars for kids skis and upwards of forty to fifty dollars, although fifty is on the extreme high end, in order to rent skis from the ski resorts.
Another option is to rent skis from one of the sports shops in the area, who usually have great deals, especially for longer amounts of days. If you plan on coming for more than a few days, the best option is to find a coupon to a sports shop and get the family set up for the week or weekend. If you want to find a location that can get you and your family set up with skis to hit the local resorts, check out Beaver Creek Sports, Vail Sports, Troy’s Ski Shop, or Vail Ski Tech. If you are staying at one of the local hotels, you can usually rent skis at the actual hotels themselves, although you will have to work this out with the individual hotels. A lot of the time they will offer a package deal for the weekend or for the week, where you can expect to get skis for a discounted price, as compared to heading to the ski resort for rentals or a local shop. In general, the lowest price to expect to pay for skis across the board would be about twenty, but you should prepare to spend about thirty dollars per person on average and most of Denver to Vail transportation companies have coupons on ski rental.